UPDATED - January 11, 2021

Royce Mathew -vs- the Walt Disney Company

First having robbed me of my creative property for their Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, to Disney's crafting of fraudulent evidence to their adulteration of their own history during the legal proceedings, and then to maliciously harm me for having followed the law after I had obtained photo proof of their elaborate fraud & lies, and to then also corruptly prevent me of my constitutional right of due process, I therefore am petitioning for Federal investigations, and - a Disney Board of Directors investigation - and - I also continue to petition for the immediate FULL and complete resignation / removal of "Executive Chairman" Robert Iger - and the removal of all non-responsive Walt Disney Company board of directors.  Meanwhile, appointed CEO Bob Chapek has been given the task to continue to cover-up and maintain Disney's ongoing elaborate fraud, lies and corruption.   ---  I am also seeking scrutiny - including into the apparent judicial corruption involving certain judges.   As based on their recorded actions, both the Florida and California Federal Court divisions corruptly work to help Disney install fear and maliciously harm me for seeking justice & accountability.  -- Please, I beg for righteous intervention.

-- Disney’s own documents unequivocally prove in order to corruptly control the legal proceedings in their favor, the Walt Disney Company had skillfully crafted a totally bogus defense, and had purposefully concocted and submitted fraudulent evidence under the penalty of perjury, and had repeatedly committed perjury under oath with which to maintain that fraud.  To date, the Walt Disney Company still continues on with their fraud. --  Thus with the additional factual proof I am compiling of the elaborate fraud, which the Walt Disney Company had purposely carried out, I will continue to petition for investigations and accountability.

THIS SITE provides vital documents and important details to various government entities & officials (including Senators) & the Disney Board of Directors, CEO Bob Chapek, investors -- all as filed for investigations -- and for educational review, as shared directly with Disney (via their online ethics reporting website) - This link allows freely viewing of the public records / documents & document updates ---

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U.S. Federal Court of Appeals For the Ninth Circuit - California
15-56726 Royce Mathew v. The Walt Disney Co. --- 2017

Case No. 13 Civ. 3930 - New York & California
Case No. CV14-07832-RGK (AGRx) - 2014 / 2015

6:13-cv00821-GKS-KRS / 6:13-CV-821-ORL-18KRS  - 2013
6:13-CV-821-ORL-18KRS - 2013
6:13-cv-821-Orl-37KRS - Middle District of Florida - 2013 

United States District Court: Case No. 6:09-CV-160-ORL-28-DAB
Middle District of Florida - 2009

United States District Court: Case No. CV 06-4303 PSG (FMOx)
Central District of California - WESTERN DIVISION - 2006

United States District Court: Case No. 6:05-CV-152-ORL-22-KRS
Middle District of Florida - 2005

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